On Hills

When I think of hills I think of a scenic landscape and great views. I think of picturesque streets and memorable photographs. Hills remind me of movement and of Earth´s powerful gravitational force exercised on my body. Hills make me feel excitement and hesitation at the same time. When I think of hills in a city … Continue reading On Hills

What A Joke

  I was chatting with an architect friend of mine the other day and I was shocked when he pointed out to me a structure rising right behind a brand new apartment building that is currently being constructed in a neighborhood east of the city of San Jose. He quickly indicated that the strange-looking metal structure taking shape was … Continue reading What A Joke

A Joker

A Joker When I refer to the word Joker most people in my society will immediately think of one of the infamous villains in the Batman films, or they will perhaps remember the famous card that carries this name. A joker is also commonly associated with the idea of a clown, a joke teller, or an entertainer. The joker, … Continue reading A Joker

On Sweat

On Sweat Sweat for the most part has a very negative connotation in the lives of most people in the society in which I live. It is seen not only as a nuisance, but also as an indicator of a lack of hygiene or concern for ones own personal appearance. Sweat betrays our feelings of nervousness and … Continue reading On Sweat

Why I Write

Why I Write I write because I want my voice to be heard. I write because I have need to express myself. I write because I need an outlet for my thoughts. I write because I refuse to fit on a predetermined mold. I write because I want to share with others. My writing is a reflection … Continue reading Why I Write